Waukesha County Recycling

The recycling law in Wisconsin varies based on the community in which you live.  For a more in-depth discussion of the recycling law, I recommend my post on Local Legalities.  If you love legalese, the DNR has posted the complete recycling law.

For all residents of Wisconsin, recycling information is available at RecycleMoreWisconsin.org

Waukesha County residents can check household recycling information (i.e. paper, bottles, cans, etc.) for their specific community on the county’s recycling website.

Waukesha County Wide  Recycling Services
Hazardous Waste (i.e. chemicals, oil paints, and gasoline) Drop off centers serve all county residents with proof of residency.
Computer Recycling Drop off centers for computers and computer parts are available for all county residents.
Product Disposal Information A directory of local businesses that assist with disposal and recycling of a wide variety of products is available on the right hand side of the county’s recycling home page.
Waste Reduction & Recycling Information Sign up for our quarterly E-Newsletter or peruse our website to find green tips on everything from waste reduction to handling yard debris and monthly tips.
Educational Recycling Presentations & Tours We have a wide variety of presentations that can be brought to your location and customized for the needs of your group. We have presentations for children as well as adults. Your group can also tour our facility. Call us at 896-8300 to schedule any of these services.
Special Event Recycling Bins If you have a special event, Waukesha County can lend portable recycling bins to help you recycle. Learn more at our website.

Participating Communities in Waukesha County’s recycling program have access to additional services.  These communities include

The cities of
recycling Brookfield recycling Delafield recyclingNew Berlin
recycling Oconomowoc recycling Pewaukee recyclingWaukesha
The towns of
recycling Brookfield recycling Delafield recycling Lisbon
recycling Merton recycling Oconomowoc recycling Summit
The villages of
recycling Big Bend recycling Chenequa recycling Dousman
recycling Eagle recycling Elm Grove recycling Hartland
recycling Lac La Belle recycling Merton recycling Nashotah
recycling Oconomowoc Lake recycling Pewaukee recycling Wales
Waukesha County Recycling Services for Participating Communities
Curbside Recyclables Processing To learn more about what belongs in your blue bin, visit our website. To learn more about what happens to your recyclables once they arrive at our Materials Recycling Facility, check out our website or schedule a tour for your group.
Free Recycling Bins Visit your municipal hall or any number of other locations throughout the county to receive an extra blue bin or to replace a broken bin.  Special events also distribute blue bins.  If your event is interested, contact our office at 896-8300.
Traveling Trunks of Curriculum for Teachers and Scout Leaders View our complete line of available recycling, waste reduction, and compost resources on our Teachers Page. For all subject areas and environmental educational resources, visit the department wide educator’s website (including information from Retzer Nature Center, Water educational resources, and more).  This site also provides a bi-annual E-Newsletter for educators which is available to all county educators.
Services from your Municipality
Collection of Trash and Recyclables Collection of both trash and recyclables is contracted through your municipality.  Questions about the schedule (including interrupted service due to holidays or weather) can be found by contacting your local municipal office.
Yard Debris Collection and Processing Some municipalities offer yard debris processing through either curbside collection or drop off locations.  Contact your municipal office for more information.  Waukesha County offers information on handling yard debris easily on your own property via our website.
Additional Materials Your municipality may also contract for additional material collection and processing.  These may include antifreeze, oil and oil filters, and large item or appliance pick-up.  Contact your local town, village, or city office.

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