The 2010 Reduce Your Waste Stream Team Challenge!

October 28, 2010 at 2:03 pm Leave a comment

Waukesha County Recycling (WCR) is currently running one of the most unique waste reduction community projects in the entire country!

34 households in 6 communities are taking on the Challenge of reducing their waste, while also looking to make sure they recycle everything they can.

 After establishing a baseline trash and recycling output in the first week, the households then entered the Reduction Phase of the competition, where they are looking at ways to reduce, reuse, recycle, and rot!

This project has brought out the best in green behaviors for the over 125 participants.  As of this publication, the households have already reduced their trash by 40% and increased their recycling by 24%, with two weeks to go!

WCR is running this project with the dual goal of community waste reduction and recycling education and gathering information on the easiest and most efficient ways households can reduce their waste.

 The project will come to a conclusion the weekend before America Recycle’s Day, when the winning household and team will be determined and awarded at the WCR Semi-Annual Recycling Open House.

You can follow the action right now at the exclusive Challenge website:


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Water and Energy Expo Winners of the 2010 Challenge!

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