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America Recycles Day is this Saturday.  This picture is from the National Recycling Coalition, who sponsors the holiday

America Recycles Day is this Saturday. This picture is from the National Recycling Coalition, who sponsors the holiday

This Saturday is America Recycles Day, a day to remind us all to recycle more.  In a lurch on how to celebrate the holiday?  A few humble suggestions:

  1. Check out what you can recycle in your community by visiting Recycle More Wisconsin if you are in Wisconsin or Earth 911 if you are not.  Be sure to recycle everything you can!  Recycling saves natural resources and energy.
  2. Find out just how many natural resources and energy you are saving by using the National Recycling Coalitions calculator.  Did you know that for every aluminum can you recycle you can power a TV for 3 hours and a lightbulb for 4? 
  3. Take the pledge with the NRC to recycle everything you can.  Then let others know about your pledge by getting the badge for your blog or website.
  4. America Recycles Day

    4. Visit Waukesha County’s Materials Recycling Facility’s Open House this Saturday, November 15th, from 10 to Noon .  This fun, family event allows visitors to tour the plant and see how about 23,000 tons of recyclables are sorted and baled each year so they can be sold to manufacturers to make new products. In the education room, learn how recycling saves energy, natural resources and reduces pollution. See new products made from recycled materials such as carpet and fleece clothing.

    “We will have a limited number of FREE recycling bins available for Waukesha County residents so they have room to recycle more items,” states Karen Fiedler, solid waste supervisor for Waukesha County. “People who visit the recycling facility are always amazed at the amount of material county residents are keeping out of the landfill, the number of jobs recycling provides in Wisconsin, and how these materials are used for new products.”  For more information, visit our website.

    5. Finally, encourage others to celebrate.  Unlike most holidays, no card purchasing necessary!  Save resources and money by sending a fun e-card to your buddies instead.

Do you have other ways to celebrate?  Do share your ideas!

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