Garbage and the Climate

October 28, 2008 at 8:37 am Leave a comment

Yesterday, an article on MSNBC talks about the ‘other’ greenhouse gasses.  Although methane is not as popular as carbon, it is much more potent.  While carbon is off getting movements named after it (after all, haven’t you checked your carbon footprint lately?), methane has quitely become a larger problem.  Landfills are the number one human-related producer of methane in the US.  This is created by organic things slowly starting to decay in landfills.  What to do?  Some landfills now capture methane to use as power.  In America, a general estimate is that 25% of that gas is captured.  While this is clearly a better use than just pushing the gas into the atmosphere, it would be best not to create the gas at all.  Composting organics is an easy way to reduce the amount of organics sent to the landfill, thereby reducing the amount of methane created.  Not to mention, you save your municipality disposal costs and get a rich soil additive for yourself.  Information on composting can be found in previous posts or our website.


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