Tale of Two Pens

July 16, 2008 at 1:55 pm Leave a comment

It was the best of pens, it was the worst of pens. Our office had a “come hither and peruse our new products while a man in a Santa suit gives you cake to convince you it is Christmas in July” event. There was a wide array of “green” products and when people heard we were from the recycling department they really hammed it up. Products that clearly had no eco-benefit all of a sudden where green as the day is long. Greenwashing at its finest.

Now it wasn’t all bad. Some products were very cool including recycled labels for the printer, a computer recycling program, and 100% post-consumer recycled file folders. The thing I thought the coolest however, were the pens made with recycled content. Although I am sure that there are many similar pens on the market, our distributor offers both the Pilot BEGREEN (pictured on left) and the Recycology Pentel Handy-line S (pictured on right). Both were made of recycled content (up to 90% and around 50% respectively) so I thought I had instantly made my choice, but then I realized that the Handy-line highlighters and markers were refillable! Oh what is an eco-girl to do? Thanks to the fact that I talk about reducing, reusing, and recycling in my sleep (and doing them in that order) I quickly made my decision, didn’t take the huge bag of freebies I wouldn’t use, grabbed some cake to shove in my face (with a fork “made from plants” no less!), and was on my merry way. Halfway through my cake I realized that it is a really great thing that there are mainstream options that also are taking a look at being green and sustainable. I’m a teacher and school supplies have always made me giddy – these new recycled content pens make me even happier!

Do share – what is your favorite recycled content product?

Recycle More,
recycle raccoon


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