There’s no place like home: Recycling is sometimes difficult away from home

June 17, 2008 at 3:19 pm Leave a comment

As the weather gets warmer, people can be seen spending tons more time outdoors. just this past weekend I was actually able to picnic outside. Much to my chagrin, however, there were no receptacles for recycling. The location, to remain nameless, was actually breaking the law by not having recycling available. Recycling is the law for everyone in Wisconsin. This includes parks, businesses, and schools. If you don’t see recycling ask an event organizer why they are not following a law that has been in place for over a decade! Another area that really frosts my cookies are gas stations. They have tons of trash collection sites at each of the little gas kiosks, but not so much as a single container for recycling. With as many businesses as there are and as few staff members as there are, we work on a tattle tale, er, complaint basis. Businesses are a lot more likely to happily respond if paying customers make recycling an issue. Next time you don’t see recycling, ask for it. Also, be sure to lead by example. If you are hosting an outdoor event, see Be SMART’s guide on public place recycling.


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