Flood Recycling and Trash Disposal

June 10, 2008 at 3:38 pm Leave a comment

Wow. Just when you thought there couldn’t be more water. The hubby just called and said the DOT closed some of the major roads to where we live, and the guys in transportation have been, well no pun intended, flooded with work. We have not gotten any flooding yet (a nice perk to living in an apartment), but I have been getting a lot of calls from soggy Wisconsinites wondering how to get rid of all of their washed up goods.
Carpeting — If you are looking to replace your carpeting, talk to your carpet installer to see if they will recycle your old stuff. Otherwise, it should go to a landfill. Be aware that landfills will charge you to dispose of any item. Sometimes they will charge you by the truckload and sometimes they charge you by weight.
Appliances — These can still be recycled as normal. Take them to your local scrap metal dealer or call your municipality to see if you have a place for municipal scrap metal recycling. If it is an appliance with freon, make sure to take it to a place that can handle freon. Our website has a listing of Waukesha businesses that will take different types of scrap metal. Call your municipality to check, but more often than not if you put out scrap metal on the curb it will go to the landfill. and no one wants that.
Clean, untreated wood — This stuff can usually be recycled. Another option is to get a wood chipper and make yourself some wood chips for around your yard. If life gives you lemons… or some other lame cliche like that.

Most importantly, be safe. Don’t turn on appliances that have been flooded out. Follow the instructions of safety personnel. Make sure to get all trash out of your home as quickly as possible so you don’t have further problems. Make a solution of bleach and warm water to wipe down everything to avoid the growth of mold. Also, use gloves when washing so the nasty stuff doesn’t get in contact with your skin. For more information, Waukesha County has established an informational site on the floods. It includes lots of helpful information, including the closed roads.

Best of luck, try to stay dry
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